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Changeset 394 (1972)

Scripts, Teleport system, Seven Signs, Organization, Bugfixes

- Introduction of Tutorial / NewbieGuide - Ty howlrang/Marcatu for initial cleanup of L2J script.
- Fix following quests : 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 257, 260, 265, 273, 293.
- Rewards are done using rewardItems instead of giveItems.
- Fix ss/sps beginners rewards amount.
- Rewards are now secured by a PlayerMemo var instead of QuestState var, making it exploit-free (case of 257, 260, 265, 273, 293).
- Q105 now rewards regular ss/sps ng, aswell as potions.
- Q260 / Q265 reward formulas are fixed using L2OFF.

Teleport system
- Revamp whole teleport system, using lord_rex initial share.
- goto/tele/etc bypasses are deleted, and replaced by only those 2 versions : instant_teleport and teleport_request. Move the teleport logic to Npc. Children classes can override isTeleportAllowed(Player).
- Implement TeleportType enum, based on L2OFF AI content.
- Implement instantTeleports.xml. Those teleports only check Npc#isTeleportAllowed(Player), while regular teleports check siege, item consumption and Npc#isTeleportAllowed(Player).
- Improve teleports.xml, reparsing the content using L2OFF. The model now holds the Castle, teleports are organized by npcId and by TeleportType. The initial data was double check with RooT's work, allowing to add 10 missing ids and cut 60+ pointless ones.
- The HTM which shows teleports is now built out of nothing from data. All existing, related HTMs are deleted (scripts and regular teleporters).
- Add few missing "-pk" HTMs (30162, 30836, 31964).
- Add (back ?) FREE_TELEPORT config.
- Rename "teleporter" HTM folder to "gatekeeper" (to match class names).
- Rename script ToIVortex > DimensionalVortex.
- Add castle chamberlains teleports aswell - parsed from L2OFF GF, since the content of Vanganth and AdvExt was lacking. They are not yet implemented.

Seven Signs - Ty Hasha.
- Updated all HTMLs to L2OFF GF, formated them, fixed obvious mistakes, typos and names.
- Added missing HTML with - not enough adena to purchase Records of Seven Signs.
- Fix xxxx_priest_2c.htm to not containCatacomb/Necropolis teleport location link (Seal of Gnosis owner lost -> no teleport).
- Fix "Failed to retrieve cabal from bypass command." upon trying to contribute Seal Stones while Seven Signs is in Competition period.
- Characters with 1st class transfer can now join any side.

- Add //show html, which toggles on/off the HTML path for GMs (similar to L2OFF). There is no associated config, and is set to false by default.
- Secure //set class, which now checks dummy ClassIds, and provide more infos upon fail.
- Introduce QuestState#rewardNewbieShots method for easier management of beginner reward.
- RadarList#addMarker/removeMarker now accept a Location as parameter.
- QuestState#addRadar/removeRadar only accept Location as parameter.
- Hardcode all Locations used in Quests for easier management. Replace some int[][] for Location[].
- MIMYU SpawnLocations are downgraded to Locations.
- Delete all unused SkillTypes.
- Drop all "Alt" and "Game" from either Config .properties or java side. Few Config renames.
- Cleanup all checks regarding TAKE_CASTLE, STRIDER_SIEGE_ASSAULT, SIEGE_FLAG and SUMMON_FRIEND - moving methods from Player to dedicated handlers.
- Generate NpcTalkCond enum. Rename and generate on Npc #validateCondition(Player) > Npc#getNpcTalkCond(Player), which now acts as overriden. Cleanup all uses.

- Fix Benom spawn timer.
- Fix trade NPE, upon empty lists pushing "Start" button.
- Fix Broken actions upon invalid trade windows checks.
- Fix Summon Friend and alike skills. Remove the 50 radius check. Add a SystemMessage and avoid the cast on yourself.
- Fix Gate Chant, adding SUMMON_PARTY SkillType.
- Fix Elpy AI. Ty Bruns87.
- Allow Config.OLY_MIN_MATCHES to be correctly spread over queries when a Config reload occurs.
- Fix a stackoverflow over siege end. Ty Kitsos for report/fix.
- Fix StriderSiegeAssault, using skill target instead of getTarget().
- Fix bow attack reuse over CreatureAttack#stop() call. Ty MonKEY fo report.
- Delete active siege check on Wyvern Managers + class cleanup.
- Switch Schuttgart CHs to correct order, fixing CHs doors and spawn.
- Auto loot Config properly checks inventory size.
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